Reputation Reviews & Surveys

The Importance of a Good Business Reputation

Reputation is crucial to the success and ultimate survival of your business. A good reputation earns the confidence and loyalty of customers, and can influence their preferences when it comes to deciding which brand to choose.

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A good reputation makes your business highly-competitive, giving it the edge to stand out among other industry players. Very Creative can help you build and maintain a solid business reputation so you can reap these benefits:

  • Customer priority in choosing your business over others within the same industry
  • Value of your business within the marketplace, at present and in the future
  • Support for your business in times of controversies and crises

Customer reviews have a substantial impact on your customers – sometimes even before they visit your website.

Just like “old school” advertising that relies on word of mouth, customer testimonials and reviews offer potential clients an insight of what to expect from your products and services. Positive feedback coming from actual customers can entice new clients to try what your business has to offer.

Very Creative will help you build and maintain a good business reputation by utilising the following strategies:

  • Google Business Page Strategy for obtaining REAL Customer Reviews (by email, SMS, letter, advert or on their business premises). This places your business information on Google Search, Maps, and even on Google+ so that customers can easily look for you regardless of the device they are using. Google My Business gives you the power to connect directly with your customers at exactly the right time they are looking for what your business is offering.
  • Advice on responding to Google reviews
  • Different methods of obtaining reviews on your website
  • Displaying reviews in Google AdWords text adverts
  • Setup and designing of website survey forms
  • Designing printed surveys
  • Setting up a customer guestbook at your business premises
  • Taking pictures or getting customers to email their photo and reviews/testimonial
  • Collating testimonials (in print and email)
  • Using customers as case studies
  • Involving customers and offering them incentives
  • Creation of customer video testimonials
  • Using the power of the customers’ own smartphone to get written or video testimonials
  • Google Right to be Forgotten service