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Powerful Publicity through Print – But it All Starts with Great Design

A strong online presence is an important part of your marketing campaign.

There are seemingly endless ways of reaching to your target audience online – but have you thought of how a solid offline marketing strategy can give the results you want to achieve?

A formidable print advertising campaign can effectively boost the responsiveness of customers, compared to a purely-online strategy.

Very Creative offers your business a multi-level advertising approach. While we have the substantial experience and skills to help you improve your online presence, we can also help you increase your business’ sales potential through offline methods. We can design advertising in print for use in newspapers, magazines, billboards, local publications, local direct mail-shots, exhibition graphics, and other media.

The Edge of Print Advertising

  • More focused readers – A person reading a newspaper or a magazine has higher focus compared to one browsing sites with numerous open tabs. This focus makes the reader more receptive and more open to your marketing thrust.
  • Print equals major importance – In general, anything on print has more tangible significance compared to an online piece. Nowadays, an advertisement or article on print is given even more substance when shared online.
  • Cost can be tailored – Print ads can be adjusted according to a set budget. You can easily choose the ad size that suits the cost of your advertising campaign.
  • More personal approach – A more personal approach is generally used in print advertising campaigns, with both parties meeting to discuss the campaign details. On the other hand, a purely-online method can be completed without any real interaction with another human being.

Our unique approach: we spend time getting to know your business and products, to come up with print designs & advertisements that accurately represent your brand.

We will help you create an ad that easily captivates and holds the attention of your relevant audience, through appropriate images and text copy. The target demographic will be discussed at length, in order to come up with a highly-relevant print advertisement.

At the heart of Very Creative is the dedication to keep careful tack of the success of your printed advertisements.

We understand your need to see the worth of your advertising investment. This is the reason why we will actively advise you on the methods you can use to keep track of your ads’ conversion rates.