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Corporate Identity & Corporate Branding

Corporate identity and corporate branding have long been interchanged, and marketing companies have been known to tell their clients that there is no difference between these terms. However, it is important to know the difference between these two, so you can maximise the full potential of both your corporate identity and corporate branding to achieve the required results.

LCS Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is all about the business and the internal factors that make up this entity

It is the look and feel of the organisation, and how it operates with regards to the rest of the business world. Much like a person’s identity, corporate identity gives an outsider a glimpse of the organisation’s unique characteristics, which sets it apart from other corporate entities. The identity also brings forth the company’s ethics, goals, and vision.

Identity is closely related to the way an organisation communicates with employees, stakeholders, and clients. Effective corporate identity management can ensure the constant coherence of corporate communications, resulting in an image that perfectly reflects the character, ethics, and vision of the company.


Corporate branding, on the other hand, focuses on the emotional relationship between the company and its clients

The brand is how the client feels about the company as a whole; it includes the level of confidence that the client has of the company providing the required product or service, and the level of trust that the client places on the company.

Establishing a unique corporate identity can influence its recognition as a brand.

A brand may include the following elements:

  • The name of the organisation
  • A logo
  • A colour scheme
  • A motto or text description
  • Typeface or font style


The Importance of Effective Logo Design

A logo is a graphic representation, a symbol which helps identify the organisation or business entity. A well-known logo may not need the business name incorporated (such as the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s), but often the logo includes a text part that clearly spells out the company name. Logos can either be purely graphic symbols (such as Nike’s swish) or made up of words (such as that of Coca-Cola).

LDS Logo

A logo’s meaning comes from the thing it represents, and symbolises the quality of the product or service; it identifies, but it does not aim to explain.

For example, a person’s logo is his name (John). He prefers to be identified through this “logo” (his name), rather than through an explanation (“the tall, thin guy who is a Star Wars fan”).

Understanding corporate identity and brand is important in logo design because the logo will be used to identify the product or business in the simplest form. The logo is a graphic representation of the company’s brand. Without thoroughly understanding the corporate identity and corporate brand, the resulting logo design may not effectively reflect what the company is all about, and what the product/service stands for.

Effective logo designs should be:

  • Simple – A simple logo can easily be identified and recognised.
  • Timeless – An effective logo should be able to withstand the test of time. A timeless design may not need a rebranding campaign for a long time, and the company can save the money for other projects.
  • Versatile – Versatility makes an effective logo look good in any size, print, and even colour. Think of the Nike swoosh and how it looks great in different colours, as well as when printed on posters, magazines, and sports apparel.
  • Memorable – An image of a memorable logo easily is easily evoked by the name of the company, or by the products or services associated with it.
  • Relevant – A powerful logo catches and holds the attention of its relevant target audience.


Our Services

Logo Design
You can request a quote for a logo design. Our fees are pretty straightforward and are based on the amount of time we will allocate to the project. The fee will include a set amount of designs for the given time period.

Initially, we will discuss your requirements so that we can come up with design logos that are very close to your expectations and theme.

Corporate Identity / Branding

We can have an in-depth discussion about your business and its culture. Typically we would arrange a meeting at your business premises to discuss how the business is being perceived, and what tools we could use to convey the right image & your services in the best light. We will also look at your competition and conduct other research.

The consultation will be charged on a half- or full-day basis. After our meeting, we will prepare a document and proposal with suggestions as well as methods to help your business stand out from competitors, or simply to help you connect with the right type of customer.