Landing Web Page Design

A landing page on your site contains all the crucial information for your visitor about a specific product or service that you’re offering.

It is the page where your visitors “land” after clicking an ad on an email, a PPC (pay-per-click) ad, or a banner ad. This page has a crucial objective, which is to drive your visitors into completing the action that you specifically want them to do – such as filling out a form with their information. Another landing page goal is to whet the appetite of your visitor enough to encourage them to click through to another page, where they are brought that much closer to making a purchase or choosing your service.

DIC Landing Page

Landing pages can often include:

  • Call-to-action
  • Contact forms
  • Galleries (of products and/or services)
  • Testimonials
  • Why Us (USPs or ‘Unique Selling Points’)
  • Unique phone number for tracking
  • Pull quotes
  • Features & benefits
  • Comparisons

What makes landing pages so effective?

It’s because they contain only the essential information designed to nudge your visitors into taking the specific action you intended for them to do –without the distracting details.

Very Creative can create that powerful landing page that turns your visitors into leads or sales.

A landing page has two objectives – to convert visitors into:

Leads – In this case, the page will typically include an inquiry form that your visitor will fill out with contact information. The information will help you follow up on the lead generated. Your phone number may also be listed to encourage your visitor to get in touch.

Sales – The landing page comes with a link, which the visitors will click to send them to the checkout area/shopping cart.

To be completely effective, a landing page must have the following elements:

  • USP – Your unique selling proposition (or unique selling point) highlights what makes you stand out from the rest of the marketplace. This can include a primary headline, a supporting headline, a backup statement, and a closing explanation.
  • Benefits or advantages – This is a list of all the benefits of your products or services, usually in bullet form for better readability.
  • Images and/or videos – These are crucial in getting your visitors to visualize your products and services in a more vivid manner.
  • Call-to-action – This may be through a form to be filled out with information or through a phone number.

A strong landing page draws your visitors irresistibly. Call us now at Very Creative and let us equip your website with that formidable landing page

What a Landing Page does for your Business

A landing page is a very effective way to test the marketing of a product or service on your website. A/B testing or split testing uses Google AdWords to drive 50% of traffic to a normal webpage (about the specific product/service), and 50% is driven towards the landing page. The conversion rates from the two pages are then compared.

Here’s more proof about how landing pages can greatly benefit your website:

  • Lead Generation – Your landing page is a stand-alone lead generation tool on your website. You can follow up on those leads to persuade visitors into making a purchase, or choose the service you’re offering.
  • Improvement of conversion rates – Landing pages are powerful tools in increasing the conversion of visitors to leads and/or sales.
  • Improvement of SEO – Your website’s SEO is enhanced with more landing pages, increasing your site’s online visibility.
  • Convenient tracking – The effectiveness of advertising campaigns can easily be tracked by using tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Anticipation building – You can build the excitement about an upcoming product or service with a landing page specifically designed for this purpose.

Our Approach

At Very Creative, we efficiently do the tracking and monitoring by using Google Analytics, the most widely-used online web analytics service. The high accuracy and sensitivity of Google Analytics allow us to track even the shortest activities on your web pages. The integration with Google AdWords enables us to track your landing page quality and conversion rates, making it easier to view and interpret your online campaigns.

It’s time to give your website and business a boost. Let Very Creative build a highly-effective landing page that will deliver exceptional results.

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