Hosting (Managed)

We Offer High Quality ‘Rackspace’ Website Hosting – High Security, World-Class Trusted Service Partner

Your website business deserves the BEST in speed, security & support. Rackspace is ready to help solve even the toughest problems: 3,000 cloud engineers | 300,000 customers | 120+ countries.

Now we can grow your business, all under one roof. It’s important for us and our clients to have a competitive edge and to have a system in place that will manage websites for now and the future.

Managed Website Hosting

Benefits of our UK-Based Server

Your website and its contents may currently be shared with THOUSANDS of other websites. At Very Creative, we offer dedicated servers which mean your domain(s) will have its own unique IP Address

  • Quicker site loading on internet browsers. This is better for business! Say goodbye to slow-loading websites!
  • Enhanced security with a managed, dedicated hardware firewall, backup, and monitoring.
  • Automatic website backups
  • Unlimited email setups
  • A 24 x 7 x 365 support team.
  • A managed web application stack and proactive security patches.
  • Our industry-leading managed SLA, including a 100% network uptime guarantee (keeping your website visible).

Why is it Necessary to have a Unique IP Address?

  • Your Own IP Address Makes All the Difference
  • Each computer (e.g. on a server)  that is connected to the Internet has a clearly identifiable, numeric address – the IP address
  • With shared hosting, it is not unusual for 1000’s of websites to share a server (shared hosting) and share a single IP address.
  • If someone from the 1000’s of hosted websites gets into trouble for sending out spam or running a scamming website, their IP address could be banned. This could have a knock-on effect with your website disappearing from search engines, or your emails may be blocked from ISPs (internet service providers) who have blocked certain IP addresses.

How it Works

We make the whole process simple and will always ask the right questions to make moving your website to our servers straightforward.

  • Your Domain Name will reside on a domain Name Provider (EG: 1&1, Go Daddy etc)
  • We will advise you to POINT the domain name to our server (Once we upload your website to our server)

Transfer, Setup and Management Involves:

  • Hosting setup to be carried out manually, and will include your current Website
  • All liaisons with your hosting provider undertaken by phone & email.
  • Setup of FTP Account (So that we can upload your website)
  • Smooth and seamless transfer of your website to our new server
  • Redirecting domains to the main domain where appropriate
  • Domain and website testing
  • Migration & setup of 4 current email addresses