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Google Adwords and Bing Ads Remarketing

Give Your Online Marketing an Extra Boost to Reconnect with Web Visitors Who Have Previously Visited Your Website  – We Call this ‘Great Potential’

Google Remarketing

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a method of connecting with people who have previously visited your website. These people are still potential customers, but may not have made an enquiry or an immediate purchase.  It is an enhanced online marketing method which reconnects your website with your visitor giving a further opportunity for a conversion.

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About Google Remarketing

Why connect with people who have previously been on your site?

Because these people have initially shown interest in what you’re offering but for some reason, did not follow through with a purchase or an enquiry. Remarketing acts as a follow-up and can nudge the customers into favourable action (to purchase or to call you directly) for your business.

Dynamic remarketing takes a step further by including the services and products you offer on your website, to previous site visitors. Dynamic remarketing produces high-performance ads with the addition of custom parameters to your site’s tag, and by creating a feed.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Google comes up with a list of prospective clients through the use of a bit of code inserted into your website. This code keeps tracks of the people who have been to your website and places your ads on Google’s Content Network which includes thousands of websites, including Gmail and YouTube. When your previous site visitor clicks on your ads, he will be directed back to your website’s landing page.


  • A user goes to your website, and may or may not complete an action (to make a purchase or to inquire about your products or services)
  • Google places a “cookie” in the user’s browser to show that they visited your site
  • After leaving your website, the user goes to other sites on the Google Display Network
  • The “cookie” placed on the user’s browser triggers your ad to be shown on the Display Network sites, giving you another chance to reconnect with your previous website visitor

You can initially attract customers to your site with search ads (Pay-per-Click, AdWords), and then use remarketing to reach those who have been to your site by showing them special offers and ads on sites included in the Google Display Network. Remarketing ads on the Display Network can boost more searches for your products and services, increasing the amount of traffic you can get from Google searches.

Example: How Remarketing Works

  1. Potential patients visit your website.
  2. Some people leave your website without calling you on the phone or emailing you. This is due to a variety of reasons such as getting sidetracked by Gmail, YouTube, and other social media sites.
  3. However, your Pay-per-Click text & image ads are shown on these other websites. The ads are shown to people through cookies placed on their computer.
  4. Patients come back to your website and to the specific landing page that is RELEVANT to their interests (for example, Implants).

Ways you can Remarket

Standard Remarketing – Show ads to previous website visitors as they use Display Network apps, or go to Display Network sites.

Dynamic Remarketing – Show ads including the products and services viewed by previous visitors to your website, as they use apps and websites on the Display Network.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – Show ads to your visitors after they leave your website, as they do follow-up searches on Google for what they need.

Remarketing for Mobile Apps – Show ads to people who previously visited your mobile site or used your mobile app, as they use other mobile apps or visit other mobile websites.

Video Remarketing – Show ads to people who have interacted with your YouTube channel or videos, as they go to YouTube or other Display Network websites, videos, or apps.

What are the Benefits of Remarketing?

Increased relevance = more leads:

Increasing the relevance of your ad campaign results in more leads, as your ads appear to the right people (those who are interested in your business).

Reach people at the right time

You can reach people when they’re most likely to go through with a purchase or relevant enquiry, even after they’ve left your site or app. This can be any time when they’re using other apps, visiting other websites, or searching for your product.

Wider reach

You can reach a wider audience with over 2 million websites and apps included in the Google Display Network.

Convenient ad creation

Create multiple text, video, and image ads free of charge with the Ad gallery. You can also use Ad gallery layouts to produce ads for your dynamic remarketing campaign.

Customised lists for your advertising goals

Your remarketing lists can be tailor-made to fit your advertising goals. For example, you can create an “Undecided Shoppers” list to show those who have placed items on their shopping basket but didn’t go through with the actual purchase.

Control and management

Easily control where your ads appear, what price you will pay for the ads, and manage the performance of your campaign.

Efficient pricing

Produce high-yielding remarketing campaigns using automated bid methods, such as ROAS and target CPA. The optimal bid for the person viewing your ad is calculated in real time, helping you in winning the ad auction with the best price possible. You can use the Google auction tool with no extra charge.

Message evolution

You can move from a generic message to a more targeted, segmented message when your prospects have visited your site, and have expressed interest.

How Can I Make Remarketing Work for Me?

  • The key is to have very tactical messages to drive customers to your website with an exclusive offer
  • Target people who have browsed your website, but have not converted
  • Target customers who have started, but did not complete an online form
  • Create loyalty by re-targeting people for a few days or weeks after they have completed an action on your website

 Points To Consider When Setting Up a Remarketing Campaign

  • Remarketing is only available using Google’s Display Network advertising feature.
  • If you’re already using Google AdWords Pay-per-Click, we will create a separate remarketing campaign for the display network.
  • Remarketing campaigns need to have their own budget. This is great as we can switch the remarketing on/off at any time, and it won’t eat into your main campaign budget/s.
  • A remarketing campaign will only be activated once a minimum of 100 unique cookies are placed onto visitors computers in order for the Google Display Network to serve your adverts.

How We Set Up Your Remarketing Campaigns

  • We will provide an enhanced ‘advertising policy’ for your website
  • A specific remarketing campaign will be created with its own budget. If you have specific offers that you would like to push, then please let us know about it
  • Generation of analytics remarketing code
  • Placement of remarketing code on your website
  • Creation of new text adverts or image ads
  • Management and monitoring of your remarketing campaigns.
  • Reports on your remarketing campaigns will be made available for you
  • Setup and ongoing management costs

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