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Google Mobile Ads

Google Mobile Ads: Advertising on-the-go

  • Google Mobile Ads help you reach your target audience on-the-go, whenever they check relevant sites on their mobile devices.
  • Mobile ads are shown on devices in apps and video content, in Google search results, and on website content.
  • You can make your business accessible to people throughout the day, as they go online on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile advertising is a key step in reaching your audience, whether your focus is on building a brand, or on performance advertising.
  • Studies show that 90% of people use a number of devices to get information, perform tasks, and to achieve specific goals, so it is even more crucial to reach your audience on-the-go.

Google Mobile Ads can help you:

  • Fulfil your performance marketing goals to gain new customers, increase leads, and earn conversions
  • Make a lasting impression through interactive, enticing rich-media ads that appear in apps or on the mobile web
  • Accomplish your branding objectives

Video & YouTube Ads – Why They Work

Video ads inspire people to choose your business

Reach your target audience: Focus on a relevant target audience based on who they are, what they’re interested in, and where they are. For example, women aged 25-35 based in Manchester, who have e-book readers.

Shows your ads across devices: Research shows that 25% of all YouTube views are accessed using a mobile device. Your customers are on the go, so you need to make sure that your ads reach them on their computers, tablets, and smartphones – wherever they are.

Pay only for results: Video ads let you pay only when someone watches your video, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses to advertise to people who aren’t interested in what you offer.

Develop a following: You can create opportunities to interact with your customers through your ads as they result in new channel subscriptions, and entice people to share your videos.

Track the results: You can track the result by using Google’s free Analytics tool, which helps you monitor who’s watching your ads, and how they interact with the videos.

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