Facebook Advertising

Managed Advertising on Facebook

Connecting with your Target Audience through Facebook Ads

Advertising through Facebook gives your business the power to reach a greater audience. With over 1.4 billion Facebook users (900 million of which check their Feeds on a daily basis), imagine the tremendous possibilities for you to reach your target market – without being limited by location!

Facebook’s wide reach and influence can give you numerous opportunities to advertise, connecting you to the people who are most interested in your business. At Very Creative, we offer competently-managed services to help your business harness the full power of advertising on Facebook.

Managed Facebook Advertising

Reaching out to the Right People

Facebook advertising works in an extremely effective manner – this is because the ads are shown to people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering. Over a billion Facebook users all over the world stay updated by checking their News Feeds, which provide a steady flow of information from friends, loved ones, and other sources that pique their interest. This News Feed offers a tremendous potential for businesses to reach out to the target audience.

It All Starts with Your Facebook Business Page

Ad Targeting

We will help you set your Facebook Adverts to be shown only to those who are most likely to be interested in your business. These targeted ads can be aimed at specific groups of people according to their:

  • Location – You can set your ads to be shown to a specific city, town, country, or zip code. This way, you can reach customers through the areas they live closest to, or by their proximity to your business location.
  • Interests – Set your Facebook Ads to be shown to those whose interests match what your business is offering. You can connect with the right people by choosing among the hundreds of interest categories such as films, shopping, music, games, etc.
  • Demographics – Zoom in on your target market by showing your adverts to groups specified by gender, age, interests/hobbies, and languages spoken.
  • Behaviours – Search for your customers based on how they do things such as the phone they use, what hobbies they are searching, or how they do online shopping.
  • Connections – Connect with not only the people who like your App or Facebook Page but also their friends who possibly share the same interests.

Where Your Ads Appear on Facebook

Your Ads are shown on News Feeds – alongside the stories and posts that your potential customers are most interested in. These ads can clearly be viewed on both desktop and mobile formats. The adverts work because they:

  • Are Highly Relevant (shown only to people who are interested in your business)
  • Are Conveniently Actionable (can take interested parties directly to your app or website)
  • Encourage Natural Social Connections (people who Like your Page can in turn significantly encourage their friends to be interested in your business as well)

Facebook connects your business to the right people, at the exact time when they’re looking for the products and services you’re offering.

  • Focusing on your target market increases the potential for success of your advertising campaign.
  • If your ads are shown to interested individuals, there is a higher possibility of triggering the right response (an inquiry, or a purchase).
  • Facebook ads can be tweaked so that they will be shown only to people who share certain traits (for example, people who love baking; people who are looking for tours in China).
  • By doing targeted advertising, you are more likely to connect with people who are interested in your services and/or products.

Very Creative helps your business through Facebook Ads that work by:

  • Connecting you with the right people- the people who are interested in what your business is offering
  • Reaching the right people at the right time – when they are most engaged, even and especially on the go, with ads that can seamlessly be seen in smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Offering convenience for you & your customers – from a Facebook Ad, your customers can easily navigate to your website to purchase items, watch videos, download your app, or take other steps that equate to tangible business results for you.

Very Creative will help maximise the power of your ads by targeting the right people using their location, gender, age, or interests.

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Drive Online Sales with Facebook

More businesses are turning to Facebook to boost their online sales. The powerful marketing campaigns successfully connect with the target audience at the time when they are most receptive to what you’re offering – when they are on Facebook using their gadget of choice. Your website becomes more accessible through Facebook; a single click can bring an interested individual to your site to check out more of your products & services, to make inquiries, or to make an actual purchase. Previous visitors to your website will still be reminded of your business through Facebook ads which are shown even after the guests leave your site.

Very Creative will help you check your ads to see how they are performing, and we will also assist in creating additional targeted advertisements to grab even more of your clients’ attention.

Facebook Ads can Boost In-store Sales, too!

Online businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from the targeted ads – your in-store sales can profit from Facebook ads as well. As your ads connect with the right people and provide them with information on what you’re offering, the next step would be to plan a visit to your actual store so they can check out your products & services in person.

The sales potential increases from the time your ad is seen on Facebook, to the time when the client actually visits your store.

Local Awareness ads help you connect with the people within close proximity of your business, increasing the relevance of your advertising campaign.

Your Facebook ads work tirelessly for your business; target clients are constantly reminded of your brand and offerings through their phones & other gadgets. It will be easier for your target market to remember you when they’re in your store’s general area, increasing the likelihood of a store visit.

Enhance Brand Awareness

People are more comfortable buying something they are familiar with. Enhancing your brand awareness helps you introduce your business to new clients so you can effectively build brand loyalty. The people you want to connect with can view your ads on their News Feed, as they browse stories or updates on their friends and loved ones.

Very Creative will help improve your online presence by setting up a Facebook Page, so you can connect with people who are interested in your products & services.

Your Facebook Page is a remarkable tool that helps you reach your business goals. It considerably helps in letting people know more about your business. The Page is accessible through your computers and mobile devices, empowering your clients to continue browsing through your page for information, or make inquiries and/or purchases, even while on the go.

Call to Action buttons (like those “Shop Now” buttons you see on Pages) can be set up to make it more convenient for your clients to conduct business with you.

Aside from setting up a Page, your brand awareness is increased through the use of attention-catching links, photos, and videos. By clicking through these Facebook ads, interested people will be directed to specific pages of your website. Lookalike Audiences helps you reach out to potential clients – those who have similar interests with the people who like your Page or are already your customers.

Upselling Apps? Make it Easier with Facebook Ads

Are you looking for ways to let more people know about your apps or games? A Facebook Page gives you a powerful online presence where more people can be updated and introduced to your app.

You can customise your target audience by their age, gender, location, and interests so your ads can be seen by the most interested individuals. Facebook adverts connect to people who have previously installed or used your app and encourage them to keep doing so.

Do you want to advertise but still want to safeguard your privacy? Custom Audiences enables you to connect with customers you already know in a secure manner. Information from your app or website can be used so that only the people you know will see your ads.