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Adverts that Get Results: Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click

Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising service that shows short ads to users, at the exact moment that they search Google for the same products or services that you offer.

The ads’ high visibility on Google can boost your website traffic, increase online sales, and strengthen your customer retention programme. “Google AdWords’ signup is free – you will only pay when someone clicks your ads to access your website (pay-per-click), or when someone calls for an inquiry about what you are offering.”

How does it Work?

  1. To get started with your advertising campaign, you will need to come up with the actual ad that showcases what your product or service is all about.
  2. You will then choose which keywords or search words will be used to make your ad be visible in Google searches.
  3. You can decide on the amount you wish to invest on your ads – you can start with a specific budget, and then make the necessary adjustments as you go along with the advertising campaign.
  4. After setting a daily budget, your ad can then go live.

“When a user types in keywords in Google that match the ones you set, your ad will be shown on the right side of the search results, or above them. “

Again, you will only pay when your ads are working – when someone clicks your ad to go to your website, or when an interested party calls you in response to your ad. The results of your ad campaign are clear-cut, accurate, and measurable.

How Does Google AdWords Improve your Marketing Campaign?

  • High Visibility, at the Right Time – The products and services you offer will be highly visible at the right time to interested parties, as they do their Google searches.
  • You Only Pay for Results – With Google AdWords PPC, you will only pay when your ads get the required results (a click on the ad to your website, or a call). You won’t have to pay for an ad that may not give you the desired results.
  • Targeted Advertisement – You can choose to target your ads to a specific location, or within a given distance from your business; you can even set a specific time of day that your ad will be shown in Google. You can even tweak your ad to target those who search using their mobile devices.
  • Measurable Marketing – Tracking tools clearly show the number of people who notice your ads, and the percentage which actually click on the ads to go to your website (or to call you).

“Google AdWords takes the guesswork out of every aspect of your marketing campaign”

You can even check the actual sales generated as a direct result of your PPC ads. Just log in to your account to view how your ads are doing. A monthly summary of the vital statistics and numbers pertaining to your ad will also be sent to you.

  • Flexibility – You can easily make adjustments any time to your ad campaign. You can change the keywords, tweak the wording of your ad, and pause or restart your advertisement as you see fit in a convenient manner.