Ever Wondered Why Things You Searched for Follow You Around the Web?

Google Remarketing is an online advertising tool that enables you to show your ads to people who have already been a visitor to your website, or those who may have used your app.

Also called ad retargeting, remarketing can be a powerful tool to recapture the attention of previous site visitors.

What Does Your Brand Identity Say About You?

Brand identity is a faithful, accurate representation of what your business is all about.

A company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets, which is the reason why the creation of a powerful brand identity is such a crucial step in reflecting the culture of your business. Brand image, on the other hand, is how your business is regarded by clients. Very Creative’s goal is to help you build a brand identity that very closely resembles your image.

Don’t Tell Them – Show Them! with Infographics

Infographics – Use Graphic Illustrations & Fun Charts To Get Your Point Across Quickly

Adverts that Get Results: Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click

Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising service that shows short ads to users, at the exact moment that they search Google for the same products or services that you offer.

The ads’ high visibility on Google can boost your website traffic, increase online sales, and strengthen your customer retention programme. “Google AdWords’ signup is free – you will only pay when someone clicks your ads to access your website (pay-per-click), or when someone calls for an inquiry about what you are offering.”