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Importance of an Optimised Website for Marketing

With Google continually updating its algorithms, the way it displays paid adverts and greater emphasis on mobile advertising and responsive websites, it is now ever more important to have a website which is not only search engine friendly’ but also ‘marketing friendly’.

With our more united ‘Web + Marketing’ strategies we are now able to offer you a further enhancement, which allow for a better users experience but more importantly provides the infrastructure for better online marketing

webpage onsite optimisation

Our VC-OnSite strategy will make sure that we not only keep the search engines happy, but also ensure that your web content is optimised for a better end-user experience, potentially lower marketing costs and increased uptake of your services and products.

VC-OnSite Plans Include:


Website text seo onsite optimisation web page

Website Text

Individual webpages are what the searcher relies on to provide them the information that is tangible, structured and provide the information that they are after. Good page content also make it linkable by other websites.

Title tags seo onsite optimisation web page

Title Tags

The title tag of each of web-page is important and should be unique and well defined and describe accurately the content. Search engine love title tags and are also used by search engine to display preview snippets. The length of a tile tag is also important to make sure that it is displayed correctly.

Image alt-tags seo onsite optimisation web page

Image ‘Alt Tags’

Search engine like to see what text you have associated with your images. This isn’t just for the sake of it but because search engines use the text to determine what the image is showing and determines if the content of the webpage is relevant to the content of the web page. Images can also appear in Google image search and the “Alt-tag” helps Google to show your images.

website load speed seo onsite optimisation web page

Web load Speed

Overly large images can slow the speed of your webpages loading and as a consequence give a poor user experience. Images need to be optimised to make sure that they load as quickly as possible and thus engage the end user as quickly as possible.

Link Checks & build seo onsite optimisation web page

Link Checks & Build

Internal website links will be checked for any broken links and internal links added/improved.

keywords & marketing seo onsite optimisation web page

Website Keywords & Marketing

Combined with online marketing such as Google AdWords, our team will work to make sure that relevant service/product keywords are optimally placed on the relevant webpages. This will also ensure that your keyword Quality Score we will be high, which in turn can reduce marketing costs but more importantly increase the relevancy of your advertising campaigns to the end user who are more incentivised to make a booking, a purchase or make a call.

monthly audits seo onsite optimisation web page

Monthly Audits

We will provide monthly updates on your website load time, page sizes and CSS and JavaScript improvements, which all go to give a better user experience, reduces marketing costs and gets your website liked more by the search engines.


VC-OnSite will ensure better engagement with the end user, potentially increasing customer conversions for lower cost

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