Reviews & Testimonials

Soni Dental Implants Twickenham
I have worked with Erol and his brother for over 15 years. What can i say, they work from the heart. They are so desperate for your business to do well and it always comes over in their work. Its been a pleasure and lets hope for another 15 years together. Respect to you both at Very Creative.

Dr Mukesh Soni

Stuart Orton-Jones
Very Creative have looked after my website for many years.

They constantly upgrade it and add their creativity to the design. As a result my website in constantly admired.

Dr Stuart Orton Jones

The reason I have been with them for many years is that they give us a very personal service.

They were able to create a beautiful website to deliver very clear information to our patients and put the message across about who we are, what we do and how we do it. They understand our needs and have done a fantastic job for us.

Our website and marketing is bespoke and they have helped my business immensely. they offer guidance on how the general public see it.

Very Creative have got us new clients that have come from far and wide to see us and who specifically want our services and skills. I would highly recommend Very Creative to look at your business. They can really help you on your journey to both running your business and getting new clientele.

Highly professional, well rounded and deliver everything you would possibly want in web design and marketing and also offer you design ideas. And very very cost effective for what you get.

Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat

We are a young company and face challenges in our commercialisation and among this is our marketing material.

Very creative was able to create some top quality marketing material in form of flyers and pop-up exhibition stands. These have been instrumental in helping us portray a far more polished company.

The main reason for going with Erol was that he listened and understood what we were trying to achieve and moreover the market and our customers and what they would like to see.

They have coached us further and advised us on how to best use this.

The turnaround was very fast.

If I were able describe Very Creative in three words: conscientious, intelligent and creative.

Out of all the companies that we have spoken to they were the only ones that really listened and were proactive and very reactive.

Colin Tristram

Histocyte Laboratories Ltd